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Headquarters address:Shensong Industrial Park, 78 Dongsheng Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Deep pine air conditioner 2019 national opening event

Deep pine air conditioner 2019 national opening event

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Shensong Air Conditioning 2019 National Opening Ceremony Grand Opening

Event date

December 17, 2018, all day

“Gratefulness, win-win cooperation”, Congratulations to Shensong Home Appliances (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.~2019 Shensong Air Conditioning Opening Ceremony was grandly opened on December 17th at Shenzhen Longgang Youhe Five-Star International Hotel!

8 surprises

1. Shensong air-conditioning factory annual 50 million yuan thanksgiving feedback, unprecedented policy, unprecedented history, the scene of the explosion of the purchase price surprise, 2019 only once!

2. A large number of new products, debut, home air-conditioner hang-up, cylinder, first-class frequency conversion, commercial air-conditioning new appearances, stunning audience! Create new advantages

3. Issue 20th National Top Ten Excellent Sales Awards and Authorization Card Ceremony

4. Domestic well-known media interviewed on the spot; major well-known websites have reprinted reports! Strong promotion for the opening event!

5. Famous domestic singers are strong to help; models are on the catwalk; colorful and colorful shows are happy!

6. Order the customer site lottery 100% winning, surprise prize waiting for you to take!

7. The core customer two-day and one-night group tour, hot springs, tour Huizhou West Lake, visit the farm, enjoy Cantonese food and fun!

8. Opening will deepen the home appliance display products: household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, LCD TVs, air energy, kitchen and bathroom appliances, small appliances. We sincerely invite the vast number of agents and friends to visit us. We talk about life and win-win development! Deep and deep pines, success!

Please arrange the itinerary of the agents and customers in advance, and inform the regional business managers in time to receive.

Business Department Hotline 0755-89715535,0755-29915686,0755-89719588 Person in charge: Guo Manager National Customer Service Hotline: 400-831-0893