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Affiliate Hotline:13686868296  Mr. Xie

PartSoinc Sales:0755-89715535 Mr.Guo

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Taisong electric (Guangdong) Co., Ltd

Headquarters address:Taisong Industrial Park, No.77, Longsheng Road, Longxin community, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Eight big league support

————————————   EIGHT JOIN SUPPORT   ————————————

Training support

Training managers are dispatched from time to time to provide training and guidance to salespeople.

Opening support

Personnel guidance and support for site selection, decoration, opening and promotion of monopoly stores

Marketing support

Product exhibition racks, materials, brochures, franchisers and start-up companies provide free materials

Market support

Resolutely protect the franchise of the contracting agent in the designated market

Official Wechat, Mobile Client Platform Online Promotion

Platform support

Planning support

Promotion activities promotion, community promotion and other planning and guidance work support

After sales support

Provide training for after-sales personnel to assist franchisers in their after-sales work

Door image support

National front-line terminal image benchmark

————————————   SHOP & SHOW   ————————————

Opening of National Stores and Exhibition of Activities