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Taisong electric (Guangdong) Co., Ltd

Headquarters address:Taisong Industrial Park, No.77, Longsheng Road, Longxin community, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Taisong electric appliance

Taisong electric appliance

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Taisong electric (Guangdong) Co., Ltd! As a global household appliance manufacturer - an international enterprise in the household appliance industry - we have a sales network in nearly 100 countries around the world, with excellent quality. Taisong Electric is well-known all over the world. With the international brand image of leading technology, quality and service, it aims to bring the whole series of home appliances with good quality and low price to the users in China and even the world. Taisong electric (Guangdong) Co., Ltd! Professional design, R & D, production, sales; air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, freezer, LCD TV, air energy, kitchen and bathroom appliances, small household appliances and other household appliances. Has a number of brand and product design patents. Now we have many home appliance production bases in Guangdong, Anhui, Hubei, Fujian, Zhongshan, and cooperate with many famous brands and enterprises at home and abroad. The company's business philosophy of one-step service with brand price has developed rapidly. The products sell well all over the country, as well as Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and other regional countries. We hope that by building a global brand communication platform, we can strengthen the healthy, green and sincere brand style of Taisong, convey the good image and reputation of Taisong in the global market, enhance the global brand competitiveness of Taisong, and make global consumers more deeply understand the international brand value of Taisong and the innovation ability of keeping pace with the times.